Frequently Asked Questions

mind harmony with the Body Code

Q:  How do you release Trapped Emotions and other imbalances?

A:  People are made of energy, and Trapped Emotions are made of energy. I connect to the energy field of the person on whom I am working. Using techniques from the Emotion Code/Body Code, Trapped Emotions and other imbalances are identified by the subconscious, and then released from the body and energy field. The releasing is done at the subconscious level. Your inner wisdom is a partner in this releasing.
physical harmony with the Body Code

Q:  Do you need my permission to do healing work on me?

A:  Yes. An Emotion Code/Body Code practitioner will not work on any person without permission. For children, or for adults who are unable to respond themselves (such as a person in a coma), a parent or guardian gives the permission.

 emotional wellness with the Body Code
Q:  Will all the Trapped Emotions and other imbalances release at once?

A:  No. Trapped Emotions and imbalances are released one at a time. Often, emotions are trapped inlayers, and a particular emotion will have to be released before the underlying emotions or imbalances are. The body knows how many emotions and/or imbalances it wants to release in a single session.

emotional harmony with the Body Code
Q:  How can you do healing work long-distance?

A:  Energy is not limited by distance or time. At some level, we are all connected. It’s just a matter of connecting our energies. Results show that the healing is just as powerful done long-distance as it is in person, which is really great considering how busy life has become. With long-distance work, you don’t have to go somewhere else to have the healing.

mind wellness with the Body Code
Q:  Will I notice results immediately?

A:  Sometimes the release of a Trapped Emotion or other imbalance will bring about an
instantaneous and dramatic effect, but most of the time the effects are more gradual. Releasing Trapped Emotions or other imbalances always seem to bring a greater sense of contentment and peace. Most people report that they feel lighter, more peaceful and less anxious after a session.

emotional balance with the Body Code
Q:  Can you do this work on babies?

A:  Yes. Many infants come into this world with a real shock, after having spent 9 months in a safe and protected place. That, along with inherited emotions and any other traumatic experiences, can be released at a young age, giving the child a better path to his/her present and future. Because the inner wisdom is always a partner in this work, there will always be positive results.

Animal healing work with the Body Code
Q:  Can you work on pets and other animals?

A:  Yes. Animals can have trapped emotions and imbalance just as people do. Any traumatic event or toxin can affect them as well.

mental balance with the Body Code
Q:  Does Western medicine have a place in this philosophy?

A:  Yes. The Emotion Code / Body Code System doesn’t cure disease. It brings the body/mind into balance by using a natural approach rather than a drug/surgery approach. The human body/mind has a powerful ability to heal itself when inner conditions are “right.” The Emotion Code/Body Code works by making these inner conditions “right” so the body can then heal itself, as it was meant to. Many traditional doctors are beginning to embrace alternative methods of healing, and use them to supplement their regular practice.